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Wedding Wednesday: I said YAS to the dress!

It's the moment every little girl dreams about; picking out her wedding dress. I'm sure all of us since a young age have pictured what we will look like on the big day. As we grow up, that vision becomes a little more realistic based off of who we are as adults and the things we like and don't like. My vision has changed over the years, but the few things I knew I had wanted were lace, a low back with buttons going down the back and sleeves. I had created a Pinterest board with dresses that I loved so I would be able to give whoever helped me a better idea of what I was looking for.

For me, I couldn't wait for this moment. When Todd first popped the question I was anxious to start the process but knew I'd have to wait a bit before trying anything on. Since we are having a longer engagement, I knew I didn't want to rush into anything. After we set the date, I knew it was time to start looking. My matron of honor Liz had told me about the different bridal salons she had gone to for her dress, so I already had an idea of where I wanted to go. She mentioned a store called The Wedding Embassy in Oakville. It immediately sparked my interest since they don't limit you to how many dresses you can try on.

So, I made an appointment with my mom and off we went! When we first got to the salon, I was feeling multiple emotions at the same time. I felt nervous since it was my first time EVER trying on wedding dresses, excited because the day was finally here and anxious because I had no idea what to expect. All I had known about dress shopping was from Say Yes to the Dress. To be honest, I was nervous I'd have to go to every bridal shop in CT and I'd still never find my dress.

The Wedding Embassy is set in the Old Pin Shop in a brick building. When you walk in, you're immediately engulfed with white walls and white dresses. The shop is so bright and beautiful, that I instantly fell in love. I worked with Krissy, who was such a gem. She explained to my mom and I that we would be given clothes pins and should pin the dresses we liked. From there, we'd go through trial and error with dresses and Krissy would start to bring in other dresses that I've either pinned or hadn't based off of what I was liking. She also let us know how the dresses were organized, which was by style of dress. I knew I wanted to try on everything, because what I thought I wanted might not be the best style for my body. Before I knew it, I needed more pins because I was falling in love with so many dresses.

Once I finished my pinning, it was off to the dressing room to start trying on dresses! Now, I want to let you know that the whole dress buying experience is nothing like what you see on TV. Yes, you are in and out of dresses, but it happens much quicker than you'd think. Krissy was amazing at getting me in and out of dresses but still making sure they were fitted properly to my body and that I'd have enough time in each dress to really see what it looked like on. The first few dresses I had tried on I really liked, but I wasn't having a lot of feelings towards. When you watch SYTTD, you see all of these women who get so emotional in the dresses, and because that wasn't happening I began getting nervous that it never would. Krissy would ask me if what I liked about each dress and if I didn't like it she would ask what I didn't like. It was a great process as she'd say "Okay, based off the last dress, I pulled this one for you."

There were some really beautiful dresses I tried on. Some of them, I felt lost in (Hi, I'm a petite 5'1" over here!) and others I felt were way too plain for me. Some of them I loved the top of the dress but the bottoms were too plain. Others were a little underwhelming. It wasn't until Krissy pulled a dress I had shown her a picture of that I started to feel like a bride. I had found this Maggie Sottero dress online, and instantly had felt emotional about it. It looked completely different in person, mainly because there was way more tulle in the skirt, but I was still loving it. It basically checked everything off of my list, minus the low back and quickly became a front runner for me.

The next dress I tried on was actually picked out by my mom, and as soon as I tried it on I knew why she had picked it out. The dress was absolutely beautiful, full of glitz and glam and the lace was absolutely stunning. It shaped my body like a glove and I was immediately in love with this dress. Even though I felt the way I did, I still felt like there was something missing. I didn't really want a strapless gown, so Krissy brought over a studded belt and I draped it on my arm like a strap. I liked the addition of the strap, but kept wondering if this would be the dress or not. I started getting emotional, but mainly because my mom was having her moment with the dress. I still wanted to try on some more, but now that one had become my number one pick.

The next dress I tried on was definitely beautiful. I stepped out of the dressing room, stood on that platform and instantly felt a reaction I hadn't in any of the dresses I tried on. The more I looked at myself in the mirror, the more I fell in love with the dress and how it looked on. I felt like a bride. It checked off every single aspect I was looking for, except for sleeves. I thought for the longest time I wanted some sort of sleeve on my wedding dress, but I knew this was the one for me. My mom loved the dress, but loved the one she picked out more. Krissy suggested I put the strapless one back on to see if I felt any differently after trying on the last one. I put it on, stepped out, and my mom looked at me and said "I still love this dress, but I love the other one more." So I went back into the dressing room, put my dress back on and asked Krissy if she could get me a veil. Once she put it on, the tears came. It was my bridal moment I had been waiting for. While I was looking in the mirror, I saw myself on my wedding day in this dress.

The lace detail is unlike anything I've ever seen before, there's just enough bling to make it sparkle and once it is altered and fitted to my body, it fits like a glove. I never thought I wanted a fitted dress, but it's more than I ever could have imagined for myself. And as my mom pointed out, I've worked so hard to get the body I have now, why not show it off? While I'd love to show you photos of my dress, I'm going to keep that for the actual wedding day. But until then, here are some more dresses that I tried on:

I knew I wanted to say yes to the dress right away, but already had a plan in mind for how I'd want to do it. I asked Krissy what the next step would be. She said I could hold the dress and we could come back with my “entourage” for the final selection. So we booked an appointment for two weeks later and had three dresses that I would be showing. The long sleeve, strapless and my dress.

The big day came and I was so excited and nervous all over again. What if my family didn't like my dress? What if they liked a different one? What order was I going to try them on in? I had the following people with me: my mom and dad, my cousin Melissa, Todd's mom, Roberta, Todd's sister, Stephanie and our niece Cameryn, and Todd's grandma, Wilma. I had a few missing from that day, but we sent them pictures so they could see!

When we got to the bridal salon, I showed them the dresses in this order: long sleeve, strapless and my dress. There were lot's of "oohs" and "ahhs" and after I showed them all three I told them I was going to put my dress on and come back out. Since I already had my dress on, Krissy just tightened me up a bit and I came out in the dress. Their reaction was exactly what I'd hoped for. Some of them said they knew this was my dress, other's were surprised, but the main thought across the board what that they loved it.

It was such a special moment to share with not only my family, but with my soon to be family as well. Even though I'm close with everyone in Todd's family, it made it even more special to share this with them. I also made sure I immediately texted my bridal party letting them know that I had said yes and sent them some photos of the dress. We popped some bubbly and I officially said YES to my dress! I can't wait to go back for fittings and marry the man of my dreams in the most perfect dress I've ever worn.

Here are some more pictures from the day:

What do you think the dress I chose looks like? What was your dress shopping experience like? Leave me a comment and let me know!

Happily yours,


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