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Wedding Wednesday - an update on my own wedding planning!

Hey babes, Sarah here! I know it's been a few weeks since I last posted for Wedding Wednesday, and I am SO sorry about that! Things have been super busy at work, but have now slowed down a bit and I'm excited to bring more content to this blog series for you.

I had posted on my Instagram stories a questions sticker asking for you ladies to ask me anything for a Q&A. It seemed that most of the questions I got were related to wedding planning and my wedding specifically, so I thought for this week's post I'd give you an update on what's been happening with my wedding! See the below video to find out:

Some other updates that I didn't mention:

My bachelorette party is officially booked! The only information I've been given is where and when it will be, which is in July and in Newport, RI. I'm so excited to get away for the weekend to celebrate with my girls before the big day! I've also booked my Bridal Shower, which will be in September of next year.

I have some fun ideas for the rest of this blog series, but I also want to know what else you want more of with this blog series? Leave me some suggestions in the comments below!

Happily yours,


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