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If you wanna be a Rockstar then you have to dress like a Rockstar.

Friday Fun Fact: I LOVE music. I grew up listening to classic rock, hair bands, disco, country and 80’s pop with my parents. Danced to classical in ballet. Fell in love with smooth easy listening, as well as emo, in my early teens. Got into reggae when I started dating Andy and have been jamming out to hip-hop since the 90’s. I literally love all genres.

One of my fave things to do in the summer is go to all the outdoor concerts we have. This year being an exception, Andy and I usually fill up our weekend calendars with them. Nothing beats the energy and vibe of live music. And NOTHING beats the outfits - cut off jeans, booties and vintage tees anyone?!?

This summer I have seen surge of companies, my fave Target included, releasing vintage style Rocker/Band tees and let me tell you I am OBSESSED. I started scooping them up in the spring and have been adding more to my already growing collection this season. I love the easy, cool girl - "I barely put any effort into this look" vibe and have been completely gravitating to it a ton this summer when I am getting ready to go out! I'm just digging this Rocker/Indie vintage vibe. See below for some of my faves and shop them here, here, here, and here!!

P.S: some are even on serious discount through the weekend!!!

Fashionably yours!


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