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I like my money where I can see it...hanging in my closet.

Haapppppy Friyay babes!! It's been a minute, hasn't it?!? Uuughhh.... but that's #life and things have gotten in the way of writing to you all on here. That is until now - I promise we are coming back stronger than evaaa for our 1 year anniversary. Sarah and I are 100% committed to you, our readers, and we could not be more excited to build better content for you all to have here at Happily Whole. And guess what?!?! Some of that awesomeness and newness starts today!!!

In case y'all didn't know... my name is Ashley and I having a shopping problem. Everyone say "Hiiii Ashley." If you don't believe me, which I am sure you do, just ask Sarah she's seen my closet first hand. No joke....You could literally go shopping out of it for almost any occasion.

Need a cocktail dress? Got it. Matching shoes? Got those too. Accessories? Don't worry, I got you boo!

I can't help it, I just looove clothes and contrary to what you all see on the gram, I do actually wear more than just yoga leggings and bra tops!

Since it's always been a dream of mine to blog about fashion trends and my style AND I just happen to have this platform...I decided it was about damn time I start following those dreams. So I took to my personal Instagram a few weeks ago to ask you all if you wanted to see more of that type of content and you responded with a resounding - YES. Going forward I am go to be sharing with you either pieces and looks from my own closet or current pieces from my favorite retailers that I am loving, as well as sales I come across! Since I wanted to give you all a concrete place where you could come to shop these looks, I will not only be sharing them with you on the Gram but also here. SO Make sure you go and subscribe to our page so that you can get my weekly updates and styles when I post them!

Fashionably Yours,


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