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TIU31 Weeks 4 & 5 Check-in

Good Morning Gorgeous Babes!!! Coming in with a little bit of a late Check-in on the last 2 weeks of the 31 Day Challenge!! We did it!!! We SLAYED the month of October with 31 reps of Daily Moves, 31 killer Studio Classes, 31 days of eating all the #TIUapproved lean, clean and green food, and 31 days of incredible accountability with this #TIUteam. We are SOOO proud of all of you for committing to yourself and taking the steps towards a more healthier, happier and whole YOU! Here’s how the last 2 weeks unfolded for Sarah and I. Meal Prep: The last 2 weeks of the challenge were a bit hectic for me. The end of week 4 I left for Texas to meetup with the TIUDFW babes so I didn’t want to prep a ton of food. Luckily for me I had a boat load of snacks and frozen dishes that I could gobble up throughout the week and only prepped some Kodiak Cakes Dark Chocolate Muffins for M2 for the week. Other than that I lived off Raspberry Toast, Baked Oats with Cinnamon Apples, TIU Shakes, Banza Pasta, Maple Walnut Brussels and Square Bars.

Last week was just as chaotic since I got home late Sunday Afternoon from my trip and I didn’t really feel like prepping. SO my meals for the week consisted of basically the same things. I officially ate up all the food in my fridge these last two weeks and had to go on a serious grocery haul yesterday for my meal prep this week. Sarah's last meal prep of TIU31 consisted of Pumpkin Muffins, Turkey Wraps and Shepard's Pie. The pumpkin muffins have been a staple for her this challenge and her favorite M2. Sarah's Shepard's pie she made was 100% #TIUapproved and totally delicious. She got the recipe from another TIU Girl, Cam ( you can find her on instagram: @tropicam). The recipe calls for mashed cauliflower, in lieu of mashed potatoes and it was so good (i saw it and can't wait to make it too)!

Both Sarah and I have loved all the new recipes from this fall challenge and looking forward to incorporating a lot of them into our meal prep for the remainder of November. Workouts: If you’ve read our other check-in’s you already know I’ve been dealing with a lingering shoulder strain/pull since my Birthday back in September. Update: its healing and I am at about 95% mobility now. However, the last few weeks of this challenge seemed to focus on Upper Body which were a bit of a struggle for me — biceps and triceps totally doable, plank work can be so-so and weighted shoulder work was a no go. Thankfully this healthier life style has taught me the importance of modifications. So I did a lot of Yoga, lower body (hello booty gains) and abs for the last 1.5 weeks of this challenge!!

Even with this injury, I saw and felt myself gain a lot more strength overall. It amazing what our bodies can do and mine continues to surprise me daily. This last week for Sarah was a struggle thanks in large part to the colder, darker mornings and busy work schedule. It took her a while to wake up for her booty call and she struggled to keep the motivation high during her workouts. She got through the week and completed her bootycalls every day like a true champ she is, but I know she wasn't excited about her week of working out. What she didn't do was let a week (or two) off lower energy stop her. She pushed through, showed up for herself every day and that is all that matters. She is ready to find her mojo again and woke up this morning with all the motivation!!

We are both so ready to bring this momentum with us into the Holiday Season and end the year strong. Accountability: As I mentioned, I was lucky enough to travel to Meetup with some TIU Girls I have been following for over a year in Dallas at the end of Week 4. It was incredible. I had the best 3 days bonding with these girls and it really affirmed everything I thought (and already knew) about this community — it is full of amazing,

kind-hearted, strong, and beautiful women. I will be following up this post with a more detailed one about the entire trip later this week, SO be on the lookout for one soon. While I was in Texas, I made it a point to Facetime Sarah while all of the girls were out to lunch. Even though she couldn't make the trip with me, Sarah was always in the back of my mind. She has been following a lot of these girls journeys too and wanted to come on this trip but work was just too busy. Not to mention all the girls kept asking about her so it was absolutely necessary to do a quick Facetime with her to check-in. I know that it really meant the world to her and it made everyone's hearts full to check-in.

While I think Sarah had some serious FOMO over the trip, she was still able to check in with Me daily (our text game is strong) and with other TIU girls via the gram. It really is amazing how the TIU community is always there for you when you need a little accountability.

So babes, what’s next?!? What happens now that you’ve completed this challenge — you keep moving forward! Keep meal prepping your heart out (feel free to follow the 31 Day Nutrition Plan through November), schedule your morning Booty Calls in Studio Tone It Up, Check-in ever day to keep yourself accountable and keep killing it girl!

We’ve loved watching all of your journeys and keeping log of ours here at Happily Whole!! And now that the challenge is officially over we want to know what you want to hear from us next?!? Leave us a comment or shoot us over an email with suggestions. Xoxo & Happily Yours Ash

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