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TIU31 Week 3 Check-In

Happy Monday babes!!! I know we are a little late checking in with you all on Week 3 of TIU31 but #life and this weekend got away from us. We wanted to start off by saying how incredibly proud of you all we are! At this point, we are just over 21 days into the challenge. Can you believe it?!? And incase you didn’t know, it takes 21 days to form a habit. So for those of you who are new to the Tone It Up community, this new healthier life style should be almost second nature to you!! And for all you who are TIU Pros, don't think we don't see you doing your thing!! Girl you are hustling hard, slaying those Studio workouts and crushing your goals. Every single one of you babes are KILLING IT and we could not be prouder to be apart of this TIUteam! Nutrition: The weather in New England just keeps getting progressively colder and that has me craving all the savory, Fall comfort food. So I made some hearty pumpkin soup, Mexican Quinoa Bowls and Banza Rotini with broccolini for my M3, 4 & 5 last week. Also on one of Andy and I's weekly Target, Marshall's, TjMaxx and Home Goods hauls I stumble across the CUTEST silicon pumpkin cupcake molds and Halloween themed Sprinkles. I couldn’t leave them there and knew that they would come in handy for my meal prep last Sunday. I used them to make Peanut Butter Frosted Chocolate Donut Holes. They were SO cute, festive, and a huge hit with my coworkers!! Little did they know how healthy they were for them!! I shared the peanut butter frosting recipes to Instagram late last week but have also added it here for you all to have as well!

Sarah, officially has meal prep down to a science and knows what fits her lifestyle so much so that she isn’t making too much food or spending crazy amounts of money each week. She made the Baked Apple Oatmeal muffins, Fall in Love with Kale salad and Cauliflower Bolognese. The new muffins are one of her absolute favorites from the plan and she loves how they leave the whole house smelling like fall. The Cauli Bolognese is also a new favorite of hers (and mine) because it delicious and super to make! She added zucchini and chicken sausage to it (I made mine with broccolini, Roma tomatoes and spinach). Its also a crowd pleaser:  her TIUfiancé and future mother in law both loved it as well! Workouts: Okay, REAL TALK: Last week was struggle bus central for me. Why? I blame the late nights watching the Red Sox in the ALCS but hey, you only live once and I'm not missing out on watching my team in the Post Season. Either way, I slept in every day last week except Monday and felt a bit off because of it. I DID, however, still get up and get my Bootycall in every morning; it was just a half hour later than usual and opted for On-Demand videos. I’ve also been dealing with a lingering shoulder injury that’s been altering my workouts as well. Shoulder workouts and excessive plank work are a no-go for me right now. But, thanks to Tone It Up, I know what I can do to modify and still get a really great workout in every day! When there was shoulder work, I subbed extra biceps and if I was feeling extra

fatigue or strain in plank work I knew to drop to my knees or opt for a standing variation, like high knees over mountain climbers. I also chose to focus more on my lower body last week and opted for a lot of extra booty, non-weighted cardio/HIIT and ab workouts to compensate for any upper body I couldn’t get in. Regardless of some minor set backs I still ended week 3 feeling SO strong. Sarah got her workouts in every day last week (you go girl!).  I know she was so excited to get back into the studio after the super busy work week she had during week 2. With her 6 day event the previous week she wasn’t able to get any workouts in and since she was sooo excited to get back to it last week, Sarah amped up her workouts a bit more by adding an extra ab workout from the on demand section after the daily moves and studio class! So proud of you boo for going after it and getting it done! Accountability: On Friday, Sarah and I were able to sneak an hour’s worth of girl time in. It had been about 2 weeks since we’d last seen each other and that was way too long of a stretch to go without seeing one another. So since Friday’s are my day off, I drove down to Hartford and stole Sarah away from her hectic work day for a little lunch date. We had the most amazing Kale salads at a restaurant across the street from her work and chatted about our weeks. Being able to spend even a little bit of time together was EVERYTHING we needed and more. Reconnecting with Sarah in person always gives me so much more motivation and leaves my heart so full!

Week 3 was a great week regardless of any set back I may have had and it was so great to see Sarah crushing her goals all week long. 

As we head into the last 9 days of this challenge I want to leave you all with two simple words: YOU CAN. You can achieve anything set your mind to. You can reach your goals. No matter what you are going through right now, know that you can do this. You are strong babe and can get through anything. So push harder and slay the end of this challenge babe. You got this! 

We hope you have an amazing week 4 babes!

Happily Yours


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