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#TIU31 Week Two Check-In

Happy Sunday babes!! Another week down, can you believe it? We are now almost halfway through the Fall Challenge! Let's take a moment to reflect back this past week.


Who is LOVING the new meal plan?! I know for me, meal prepping has been such a key factor to my success with Tone it Up. This past week truly showed me how important nutrition can be. I had a week long event and worked just about 75 hours, so I'm sure you can guess that I did not get any workouts in. I made sure I prepped fully for my week so I would never second guess what I needed to eat the next day. I am so proud because I stuck to my meals 100% and I feel better than ever; even without the workouts! AND my baby abs are still with me.

For the week I prepped the Pumpkin Muffins and Lean Turkey Chili off of the plan. I think I may need to make pumpkin muffins every week this challenge!! They are my absolute favorite and fulfill my sweet tooth in the perfect way. I like to add dark chocolate chips to them to give them a little more sweetness, and I usually will heat them in the microwave before eating them. Hello heaven! The turkey chili has been one of my favorite Tone it Up recipes since the fall challenge last year. It's only a few ingredients, but it makes a lot and tastes amazing! It was perfect for my long week of pre-packed dinners.

Ashley prepped chocolate pomegranate chia seed pudding, avocado brownies and cauliflower bolognese! All recipes she absolutely loves now and plans to return to in the future.


Ok, so I'm really sad that I missed out on this weeks workouts; especially since Bobby Boxing was on the schedule! Luckily, there is the on demand section of the Studio, so I know I will be adding that next week. I did follow the #fallflexibility challenge via Action Jacquelyn & Get Stretchy. It was perfect for me last week because it gave me 10 minutes to just stretch and breathe, and the daily mantras really encouraged me to reflect, think and move forward.

Ashley still hit the studio hard this week logging 6 days of Daily Moves and Studio classes! (Killing it girly.) She also attended class at a new local Yoga Studio this week for some heated Flow and absolutely loved it. Her goal is to make this her perminant home to Flow and eventually get her 200HR YTT  here next year (she just missed the cut off for this round by a day). 


One of the things I love most about TIU is how you connect with the community and you have this huge support system behind you. I had girls reach out to me wishing me luck on my event, commenting and telling me "You've got this!", and always cheering me on. It really helped me push through some tougher times during the week when I needed a little motivation. I also had Ashley checking in on me every day to make sure I was still above water and getting through it. She is the best accountability partner I could've ever asked for. She always knows when to reach out, and understands that sometimes I won't answer her back because I'm running around like a chicken with my head cut off. Having Ash along with the community behind me this whole week was truly inspiring and it gave me even more appreciation for this team.

Overall, this week was a huge success for us both. I love how easy it is to customize the Tone it Up lifestyle to fit your life and schedule. How was week two for you? Let us know your thoughts below and if you have anything you'd like us to touch on next week! 

Happily yours,

Sarah & Ash

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