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What I’m Loving Wednesday: Constellation Piercing

Hiii girls!!! Happy Wednesday!! Today I want to talk to you about a trend that I am absolutely in love with — The Constellation Piercing.

This trend isn’t really all that new, it started back in 2016 with L.A. based piercer to the stars Brian Keith Thompson, but it’s one that’s been picking up some traction as of late and something I just happen to recently stumble across. I adore it because this type of piercing creates a fresh, modern and unique look that’s completely customizable to the individual. The idea is simple and is exactly as it sounds— turn your piercings into constellation like clusters. This look can be achieved by dotting your lobe with a collection of earrings, usually three or more, the same way the stars dot the night sky. If you’re a minimalist like me, they are great for you because they tend to work best with smaller, simple shapes but can absolutely be amped up a bit with a statement earring, like a cross or hoops. They also fall on the less intimidating end of the piercing spectrum because you can absolutely achieve this look by just piercing your lobes — which is great for those of you who are not into cartilage piercings.

This type of piercing is also a great way to fix that accidental and somewhat poorly placed piercing from your youth that your cousin or friend from camp did with a needle and ice cube that you have no clue what to do with now. However, if you’re like me and just love the trend, fear not babe, you can start from scratch and pick a totally original grouping without worrying about fixing a past mistake. There are two ways to go about getting this look — leave the design completely up to your piercer, a la Thompson, or find a look/constellation you want to mimic and work with your piercer on creating a design. Thompson's process is rather willy nilly. He looks at your lobe as a blank canvas and freely pierces it based on your individual lobe shape & style. This is great if you know your piercer well and have absolute trust in them BUT I’m a complete control freak and knew I couldn’t just go in and let someone I didn't know do whatever they wanted to my lobe. SO I did what any girl does best — scoured Pinterest for looks and designs. I don’t really wear a lot of jewelry in general and always gravitate towards studs. So I was super stoked when I saw this style of piercing being done. I already have two piercings in both ear lobes and I knew I didn’t need much to achieve what I wanted. I looked for photos and style that I thought would look good on me and matched my personal esthetic.

Once I found the look/style I wanted and saved images to my Pinterest Board all I had to find the right piercer. Now babes, this is step is really important. ANYTIME you are looking to get a piercing make sure you take the time to find someone you really trust and believe in. It could literally be the difference between a great piercing with minimal pain and a mediocre one with a bit more “Ouch!” This is where the Golden Age of the World Wide Web comes in handy. All you have to do is type in a few key words and “bam!!” all the information you need is right there — parlor names, locations, reviews and ratings. Some key words to try — “top rated piercers near me”, “constellation piercings near me”, “ear piercings near me.” After looking through Google Ratings, Yelp! and Facebook I decided on a local piercing/tattoo parlor that had great reviews and looked like a clean/sterile and professional environment that I would be comfortable going to.

I have to preface this with that fact that it has been 14 years since my last piercing (hello belly button piercing circa 2004). So even though I had this idea and knew it was something I wanted to get done in lieu of my next decade of life (bring on the big 3-0!!!), I was absolutely terrified and it took me WEEKS to work up the nerve to go get it done. Just ask Sarah. I brought the idea up to her as soon as I saw it online in July and she heard little about it after that day until I texted her 2 weeks ago to tell her I was getting it done. So my next word of advice for you, make sure you’re in the right mental head space before getting anything pierced. Even though piercings aren’t permanent, unlike tattoos, still make sure it’s something you want. Also make sure to get a good night’s sleep the night before, bring or texted a friend that’s supportive (thanks boo!) and DON’T STRESS. If you find a good reputable parlor they will ask you numerous times before going in for the actual piercing if this is something you are sure you want and that you are in good, clear conscious to get it done. Now, I have to give a shout out to the parlor I went to, Piercing Emporium & Tattoo, because they were absolutely amazing. From the moment I walked in the doors till I left with my freshly pierced ears, I felt completely at ease and in the right hands. The receptionist was efficient, friendly, and super knowledgeable. He helped me pick out the placement of my two new piercings, what kind & style jewelry to use, total cost, step by step process and aftercare. Then all I had to do was wait. Which felt like forever because it was a busy day. But the wait was well worth it because my piercer was absolutely amazing as well!! She was so calming and completely professional. She made sure to asked me where I wanted the piercings placed and marked them off accordingly. She made sure I was comfortable with everything before she did any actual piercing, talked me through the process and checked in with me between each to make sure I was still comfortable and okay to continue. She even was nice enough to take a photo of me for this post. Minus the 15-20 minute wait, the entire process took took about 10 minutes and the pain was minimal. I could not be happier with the whole experience. So babes here it is, my constellation piercing:

All I did was add a lower Helix (cartilage) and Tragus piercing to get a very minimalist Taurus Constellation (my dad’s sign). I’ll most likely add one, maybe two, other piercings at a later date to make it complete but these two absolutely fit the bill for now. What do you think? Let me know if you have you heard of or already have a constellation piercing below and feel free to share some photos with us!!

Sarah, loved this trend too and even though she doesn't have a Constellation Piercing per say, she does have quite few piercings herself. Here’s what Sarah has:

"I have 13 piercings — 11 in my ears, a nose and belly button piercing. I only wear 6 in my ears and I wish I had my double cartilage still but the way the second one was pierced made it uncomfortable to wear them. My rook was the most painful to get done and my forward helix is my favorite." What about you? How many piercings do you have?!? Which do you love the most? Hurt the most?!? Share with us in the comments below. Xoxo Newly Styled & Happily Yours, Ashley

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