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Hey babes,

We are Ashley & Sarah and we are just two girls living Happily Whole. We are both SO happy you’re here and are excited to share our lives with you! Our goal is to give you, our readers, insight into our personal experiences with fitness and leading a healthy, balanced, happy, and whole lifestyle. Today we wanted to take some time to tell you a little bit more about ourselves and how we got here.

Sarah and I met each other a little over 8 months ago through an online fitness community for women called Tone It Up (check them out they’re amazing) when we were chosen as 2 of 21 winners for the community’s 2017 fall fitness challenge. We happen to live only a state apart, became active in the fitness community around the same time, had gone to the same fitness event (I mean we were literally standing next to one another but that’s a story for a different day) and up until that moment never met one another. Have you ever crossed paths with someone, be it a potential boyfriend, college roommate, coworker, whomever and get this unshakable feeling that you were destined to meet? That this person was brought into your life

for a reason and will in one way or another have a significant impact on you? Well, that’s us. Sarah and I spent every day after the announcement chatting via Instagram about our journeys, lives and quickly bonded over our mutual love for fitness, great healthy food, fashion and beauty. We were two peas in a pod. After a few months of DMs back and forth, Sarah mustered up the courage to ask me for my phone number (thanks boo!) and the rest is history. We both swear up and down that fate somehow brought us together and thank Tone It Up every day for that.

As we've gotten to know one another and the more our has friendship grown, both Sarah and I knew we needed to find a way to share our passions and experiences with other women. We talked for a while on the different outlets we could take and ultimately felt like this was the right fit for us both. Our mission with this blog is to help women live their lives Happily Whole. We so often give so much of ourselves to everyone else around us that we tend to neglect ourselves. As a spouse, mother, caretaker, friend and boss babe, most days are consumed with fulfilling the needs of everyone else around you. Whether it’s taking care of your kids, your spouse, pets, family members or helping coworkers and close friends, at the end of the day you often have no time to do anything for yourself or quite frankly, are too tired to try. It is so important to know that you cannot pour from an empty cup. Through both our fitness journeys, Sarah and I have learned how important it is to focus on yourself, take “me time”, do what makes you happy and how to get in a routine of doing that regularly. We hope in sharing our passions, lives, fitness journeys and insight with you that this blog will serve as a resource and tool to help you live your life a bit more balanced, happy and whole.

Happily yours

Ashley & Sarah

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